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101 Telco Offers Comprehensive Solutions

101 Telco provides comprehensive solutions based on our customer's needs and we are always developing new solutions to address new/current needs or to help our customer's solve problems in the most cost effective manner.
Our goal is to provide the proper services and/or products that can help our customers expand and maintain their network.
Our comprehensive solutions include:
Network Repair Solutions
Multi-vendor, network-wide repair and spare parts management solutions allow our customers to support their network and retain quality and reliability of service to their end users.
Supply Solutions
101 Telco’s Certified Refurbished equipment and asset disposition services provides a source of wireless, wireline, optical transmission, data and enterprise equipment for network maintenance or expansion.
Site Removal, Reconfiguration and Redeployment
To maximize the life of your network, it is often necessary to swap equipment between various regions of your organization.  during that relocation , equipment needs to be reconfigured and, more importantly, tested,  and packaged properly to insure it operates when re-installed.  The 101 Telco team has handled mumerous types of these projects for both carrriers (ATT, Alltel, Verizon Wireless) as well as OEM's (Nortel, Ericsson).
Rack and Stack - Kitting and Staging
These solutions make life easier, by allowing us to take care of all the details surrounding equipment deployment which allows you to focus on more "big picture" tasks.  Our team can take care of everything from developing the project scope to ordering the necessary equipment to kitting, staging and even delivery and installation.
Special Projects
We develop dynamic, custom strategies that deliver specialized results.  101 Telco does not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we develop dynamic, customer specific strategies that deliver specialized results.

Our background in managing large and dynamic projects, breadth of product offerings and market expertise provides us with the tools to execute strategies designed to meet your exact objectives.