Asset Management and Logistics


101 Telco Solutions offers proven strategies for a wide variety of “best-in-class”, time-saving, and high-impact asset management and logistics services. Our manufacturer-trained professionals can provide installations & removals; onsite maintenance; asset recovery and consignment, spares management; procurement; and reconfiguration & redeployment. We will work with your team to assess your needs, then design and implement a cost-effective solution that meets your unique requirements.

Our number one objective is to maximize value by applying efficient asset management programs and techniques designed to meet your network objectives.  In addition, 101 Telco Solutions can help you maximize the lifecycle of your excess equipment assets in order to help you reduce the cost of your network deployment at a lower cost and greater ROI.

We also can reconfigure and customize your equipment assets to rigorous manufacturer specifications to ensure a high degree of reliability and performance, generating more cash, improving margins, and reducing the amount of management time to manage the process.

  • Spares Management
  • Traditional Inventory Management
  • Engineering, Furnish and Install
  • Warehousing Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Consignment
  • Advanced Repair
  • Onsite Inventory Services - Asset Record Verification
  • Network Planning
  • Redeployment
  • Procurement & Materials Sourcing