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Grid-related power failures expose telecommunications companies to millions of dollars of risk and losses every year. Diesel generators and VRLA batteries provide the vast majority of on-site backup power for cell towers across the United States, and have for decades.

Concerns over reliability, shifting climate change regulations and the rising cost of legacy technologies have caused many telecommunications companies to re-evaluate their backup power solution investments. Neither battery nor generator technology has changed in decades and fuel cells represent a more efficient, eco-friendly alternative. 

Altergy fuel cells have replaced batteries and generators in critical applications such as telecom switching sites, wireless cell towers, digital loop carriers, DAS, backhaul, CATV repeaters and head ends around the globe. Altergy fuel cells deliver the power quality, reliability, and on-demand standby and ride-through capabilities required for essential 24/7 operations. 

Altergy fuel cells provide uninterrupted power at the point of use over extended runtimes, and do so with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than the status quo. Altergy technology has logged millions of hours protecting telecom network availability during grid failure-related outages at hundreds of field sites, and never produced a single emission.

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Altergy’s Freedom PowerTM Systems have logged more than 32 million hours in thousands of mission critical applications around the world.

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